Publié mai 2, 2011 par HENG Oudom


    I will never ever regret of knowing you. But I’m regret that our friendship is heavy to go on. Don`t know why I never trust you only one time, because your act never show me your heart and your heart never show me the trust. Don`t know why I think what I have been meeting is just only the DREAM a dream when I’m not sleeping, a dream that cannot come true. Because you are not my fairy tale. I know that you still miss the past, think the past, and need the past. Don`t know when you can stop caring the sad past. Wait waiting is a very hard task for me. Waiting is tired. The more I wait, the more time I waste. Because it`s no use for me to wait the spring while summer is still hot and dry. So it is the best way for me to run far away from a deep of hurting.

Thanks for your kind, thanks for your sharing, thanks for your time, thanks for your helping, thanks that you made me have a good feeling, thanks that you made me sad, thanks that you made me hopeless, AND GIVE ME THOUSANDS APOLOGIES THAT I LEAVE YOU!

Please be a strong one who lives with smiling and hopeful not only for today, but tomorrow also (*_*)


I remember the words that someone told me:

* True friendship is hard to break. It endures all hardship and difficulties. If it can be easily broken, it is not called a true friendship.

* The person who understand you, never hurt you. Only those who dont understand you hurt you instead.

* It`s hard to find a real friendship. You have only one or two true friendship a life time. It take a lot of study, efforts, screening before you can find a good one.


by Maryna Samnang on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at 11:34pm on Facebook


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