Banteay Srei Temple

Publié mars 21, 2011 par HENG Oudom

Banteay Srei Temple


In Cambodia, there are lot of temples which built by Khmer ancestors. Among these the Banteay Srei Temple was estabished, as well. This beautiful temple was broken for long time because of civil war and local war. It was forgotten in central forest like other temple in the area of Angkor.  Fortunately, it was rediscovered in 1914 by LIEUTENANT MAREC and cleared by H. PARMENTIER, in French colony regime.


Banteay Srei was constructed to delicate for Hinduism, Linga çiva, in the second half of the tenth century (967) during the riegn of Rajendravarman II, by one of his ministers, Raja Guru Yajnavaraha, who served as tutor the future king Jayavarman V. It was built on the land given to him (Yajnavaraha) by the king that lies of the land about 32 kilometers northeast of Angkor.


Banteay Srei is the modern name of a 10th century Khmer temple originally called “Tribhuvana Mahesvara” ត្រីភុវន មហេស្វរៈ (Great Lord of the three folf World). Banteay Srei means « the citadel of the women ». It really deserves the name « diamond of Angkor ». A special feature of this temple is made of hard pink and red sandstone that can be carved like wood.  Architectural and decorative features are unique and fine.   Apsara is not only having on the other temple of Angkor area but also have in Banteay srei with the beautiful engraving, because of its wordering engrave, so it become the well-known temple which always known that “Jewel of Khmer Art”.

ចម្លាក់ ជ្វា

In presently, our beautiful temple is so old, so in the name of Khmer generation should protect thoroughly. We should not touch or fond strongly, especially punishe the people who are stolen the engraving for iligal selling.

Prepared by LOY Sovann and HENG Oudom


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